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Is walking barefoot genuinely healthy?

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Feet are the part of the body which experience the most work, regardless of whether you work in a sedentary job or are on your feet all day. The health of your whole body is derived from the health of your feet. We often hear advice about how to care for our feet. One of them is walking barefoot. Is it really as healthy as people say?

Why people walk around with no shoes

In many cases, experts do not agree whether it is a good idea to walk barefoot or not. Walking barefoot is apparently natural for people. This, however, does not apply in all cases and all circumstances. Let’s look at these cases so that you can be sure whether walking barefoot is the right alternative for you. 

According to a number of experts, feet are placed under pressure and in an unnatural position inside shoes and socks. Feet should be able to breathe freely and have plenty of space around them. They should be stimulated in a healthy way. Our jobs generally do not allow us to be shoeless all day, therefore we have to make up for this in another way.

In the evening, we can put our feet up so they can rest. We can wear Foot Alignment Socks to help boost blood flow, stretch and generally recuperate our feet, not just when they are painful or cramped. Foot Alignment Socks also provide support during the treatment of various medical complications and are important in prevention. We can also shower our legs, alternating with hot and cold water, or get massages or physiotherapy.

Others choose to walk barefoot. It is up to everybody to decide how to look after their feet. But if you choose to walk barefoot, you should follow a few basic rules.

How to walk barefoot correctly

Some people think it is enough to take your shoes off at home, not put your slippers on, and that is it. It is not that simple, however. Walking barefoot should stimulate the feet yet walking on flat surfaces (such as floor tiles, floating floors, etc.) is more likely to damage your feet. It could lead to fallen arches and thus flat feet or other complications. It is therefore better to wear sandals or other domestic footwear at home. If your arches are already falling, you should do exercises for flat feet at home.

What about children? Flat feet are nothing new in children. It is enough for smaller children to put thicker socks on. Children’s socks usually have rubber soles, dots or belts which stop them from slipping on surfaces.

Finally, we come to where you can go in your bare feet. The best thing of all is structured surfaces which stimulate your feet. This means, for example, grassy surfaces, pebbles, sand, forest ground. Paddling in water or walking on massage pads is also a good idea.

Who should not walk barefoot?

Experts do not recommend that people with diabetes walk barefoot. These people could experience neuropathy in the lower limbs. This also concerns people who have orthopaedic or neurological problems. You should also pay attention to any post-accident conditions or other complications. In most cases, it is individual and always a good idea to consult with your doctor. If you also find walking barefoot unpleasant, nobody can force you do it.

How and when to start walking barefoot

If you have never tried walking barefoot, start gradually. You should not spend all day barefoot right away. Your feet could hurt, and your appetite for walking without your shoes will vanish. One hour a day is enough and can be gradually extended.

When to start? You can start at any age. Experts recommend starting in childhood. Children generally become accustomed to it more easily than adults.

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