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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Are Foot Alignment Socks for me?
No matter whether you have foot problems or not, these socks are for you. It is very important to maintain good foot health by preventing the harmful effects of fashion shoes, sport strain and other stresses on your feet. Foot Alignment Socks will do just that, by keeping your feet aligned with the rest of your body. Foot problems are more than an inconvenience. It effects how you walk, and since the foot is connected to the leg it has an effect on your knees, hips, and back…. all the way to your neck. Remember, it is easier to stay healthy than to get healthy.

What size should I order?

The socks run a little larger than regular socks. The emphasis of these socks is on the toe dividers rather than the heel construction and this gives you more freedom in your fit. Sizes:

XX Small AGES 3-5 KIDS 7-8.5 EU 37-30
X Small AGES 6-8 KIDS 8-9.5 EU 31-34
Small W 4-6 M 2-4 EU 35-38
Medium W 7-9 M 5-8 EU 39-42
Large W 10-13 M 9-13 EU 43-46
X-Large W 13+ M 14+ EU 47-50

How long should I wear them?
Please read the instruction for use before you start wearing them. In the beginning you should wear them daily for at least 15 minutes or as long as they are comfortable. Just elevate your feet and relax, gradually you will be able to extend the time to the point that you can keep them on overnight.

What should I do when my feet keep hurting after I put the socks on?
It depends in what condition your feet are in. When your feet are too painful, the corrective action of the socks could be uncomfortable for a while. Start very slowly and if after a week or two the pain persists you are most likely in need of more extensive foot care, please consult a Podiatrist.

Can I walk in these socks?
Foot Alignment Socks are not designed for walking. Of course you can walk in them across the room, but they are most effective in a relaxed position when feet have no stress or pressure on them – i.e.. sitting, laying down or sleeping.

How long should I wear these socks before I notice improvement in my feet?
It depends on what kind of improvement you are expecting. Your feet should feel better after the first week of wearing the socks. You will still have the bunion, but you will feel much better because you’re in a lot less pain.

I am a diabetic, can I wear these socks?
Please consult your doctor before you do.

How should I wash these socks?
Foot Alignment Socks are machine washable and tumble dry at low temperature, so for best results air dry is recommended.

Hammer Toes - How do foot alignment socks help?
The socks have soft dividers which go in between toes and gradually push the crooked toe in to its proper place, creating a space in between toes. Of course this is a slow process. You have to be consistent and wear the socks daily at least 20-30 minutes minimum. Once you get used to wearing the socks you will be able to keep them on over night to obtain the maximum effect with faster results.

How can I get a discount?
You can save 10% if you use the discount code: SAVE10 during the ordering process.