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Foot Alignment Socks

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT NOTICE ​​!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our company is closed from 4.7.-31.8.2024 due to company holiday.
If you are interested in buying The Original Foot Alignment Socks please see the list of
our resellers.


Foot Alignment socks relieve stress and tension in the feet, help to properly align the toes, reduce friction and irritation, relieve foot pain, improve blood circulation and give your feet and toes new energy. They help by keeping your feet and toes mobile, flexible and less painful.

Alignment socks socks are widely recommended by physiotherapists and podiatrists and mainly used as a passive supplement to existing treatment - i.e. active exercise and physiotherapy.

Foot Alignment socks are NOT intended for shoes, nor for normal walking. They are most effective when you are relaxing, when the feet are not under pressure – i.e. when sitting, lying or sleeping. Please follow the attached instructions when wearing.