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How to get rid of the feeling of cold feet

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Do your feet feel like they are freezing not just on autumn and winter evenings but almost all year round? You should start paying attention. You are probably suffering from poor blood flow to the lower limbs, which can lead to more serious complications. We have several tips for you about how to get rid of the feeling of cold feet for good.

Why do you suffer from cold feet?

The feeling of cold feet is a neurocirculatory problem. This means the blood flow to your lower limbs is insufficient. Your feet are therefore not sufficiently heated with warm blood. You can identify this not only through the feeling but also by touching your feet. These unpleasant sensations force you to think about a solution, especially for colder weather. Most people deal with it using warm socks or by having a hot bath, which comes in handy in the cold months. What if you do not  want to spend the entire year wearing hot socks or spending so much time in a bath?

It is interesting to note that women suffer from the feeling of cold feet more than men. Some doctors claim this is caused by the presence of oestrogen in the blood. One of oestrogen’s tasks is to make the blood thicker, which thereby limits its movement in blood vessels. However, if men experience cold feet, it does not mean they have a surplus of oestrogen in their blood. In addition to cooler weather, the main causes of cold feet are lifestyle, lack of movement, and unsuitable or tight footwear which presses on the feet. Stress is also an important factor.

The feeling of cold feet could be an indication of something more serious. It is often one of the symptoms of diabetes. This is because in this case, blood vessels could be damaged, affecting the flow of blood to the feet. Cold feet could also be related to reduced functioning of the thyroid gland and insufficient thermal regulation of the body. Additional complications include arteriosclerosis, which is the build-up of fatty substances on artery walls. This narrows the arteries and reduces the blood flow through them.

In addition to this, for swollen legs, read our article What to do about swollen legs. Four tips for swelling.

How to prevent cold feet

If the feeling of cold feet is a symptom or part of a disease, treating the relevant disease and its causes directly is important. If you do not have any other medical complications, you can try one of the following tips. In any case, first determine the cause, and then start with any treatment.

As mentioned above, the feeling of cold feet can disturb you as a result of poor lifestyle or especially stress. In this regard, you should focus on a healthier lifestyle and improve your mental relaxation. Try to engage in in regular movement in addition to sports, such as walks in the countryside. You should limit smoking and alcohol consumption. You could argue that drinking alcohol expands your blood vessels and improves blood flow, which is true, but the adverse effects predominate.

Also quality and variety in your diet. Certain foods, such as chilli, ginger, cinnamon, strawberries, cherries, fish and coffee assist blood flow in your body. The best food supplements are magnesium, vitamin E and gingko, for example. Also try to limit your intake of sugar and bread made from white flour. For mental relaxation, do not forget sufficient rest and activities which help you relax.

Also become actively involved in activities which assist blood flow to the legs, for example, foot massages, walking barefoot on uneven surfaces, or showering your feet with alternating hot and cold water. You can also include cold baths in your life or visits to a sauna followed by cold baths.

Think about ordinary matters such as selecting appropriate clothing. Clothing which is too tight can obstruct blood flow in your body, especially trousers, footwear and socks. Do not wear anything which is very tight.

Why Foot Alignment Socks?

Many of you that are thinking about purchasing some Foot Alignment Socks. Please contact us with any questions about whether your feet will be cold while you wear them, especially because the socks do not cover your toes your toes will be bare while you wear them. This might seem plausible at first thought, yet the main purposes of Foot Alignment Socks are boosting blood flow and stretching the feet.

You can therefore be sure that your feet will be nice and warm. Foot Alignment Socks also actively “treat” your feet, which classic warm socks do not. This means they not only warm from the outside but improve blood flow, which has long-term effects with regular wearing. Foot Alignment Socks will therefore help you preventively.

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