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How to eliminate sweating and foot odour? Try these proven tips for fresh feet

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At times we’ve all experienced the unpleasant sensation of sweaty feet and the odour that goes with it. For many, this is a tricky subject that affects their well-being and self-esteem. But what factors actually cause this problem and how to counteract it? Join us in discovering some effective methods to keep your feet fresh.

What causes excessive perspiration

Certain types of bacteria naturally occur on the surface of the skin, but if they reproduce (which happens especially in humid and warm environments), that causes the dreaded odour. It’s caused by the waste substances excreted by the bacteria. So sweating and odour go hand in hand.

The most common causes of excessive perspiration include:

  • Genetics - some people are just born to sweat more than others.
  • Hot weather and physical activity naturally increase foot perspiration.
  • Stress and anxiety can make the sweat glands more active.
  • Hormonal changes and diseases - excessive perspiration may occur during puberty, for example, or may be caused by pregnancy or certain diseases.
  • Wearing shoes and socks made of synthetic materials prevents moisture from wicking and creates an environment in which bacteria and mould thrive.

In the vast majority of cases, the discomfort is not caused by any serious illness, but if the smell or sweating is extreme, lasts a long time and none of the advice below helps, then you should see your doctor. 

How to successfully deal with odour and excessive perspiration

TIP 1: Good hygiene

Following a proper hygiene routine is an important step in eliminating odour. Wash your feet daily and use antibacterial soap. Don't forget to dry your feet thoroughly, especially between the toes, where bacteria and mould can build up.

TIP 2: Wear breathable shoes and air your footwear frequently

Using breathable footwear is the key to keeping your feet healthy and fresh. Breathable footwear allows air to circulate better, which helps regulate foot temperature and reduces excessive perspiration. In addition, regularly airing your shoes helps to wick away moisture and prevent the build-up of the bacteria that cause odour.

TIP 3: Wear socks made of natural materials

It is well worth investing in socks made from natural materials, such as merino. Merino wool socks have the unique ability to absorb moisture and wick it away from the skin, keeping your feet dry all day long. In addition, merino wool is naturally resistant to bacteria, reducing the risk of unpleasant odours even after prolonged wear. This is also why merino wool is a popular material for sports socks and clothing as well as for everyday wear.

TIP 4: Foot Alignment Socks air your toes

Wearing Foot Alignment Socks in your leisure time and when simply chilling out is a great way to keep your feet relaxed and healthy. Foot Alignment Socks help release tension from your feet, improve blood and lymph flow and "air out" your toes. This feature is especially good for people who suffer from excessive perspiration, as it improves ventilation and reduces moisture between the toes.

TIP 5: Control odour and perspiration with special sprays 

Special anti-odour sprays and antiperspirants are another effective solution for those who struggle with excessive perspiration and unpleasant foot odour. It is important to choose a spray that is suitable for your skin and does not cause irritation. To make them as effective as possible, antiperspirants should be applied to dry, clean skin, ideally in the evening before bed, allowing them to penetrate the skin and work better during the night. Anti-odour sprays can be used regularly during the day for instant refreshment. Some may also contain fragrances that give your feet a pleasant scent. 

TIP 6: Invaluable advice handed down over the generations

There are also many old wives' tips, such as black tea or vinegar baths - add 2 tablespoons of vinegar to 1 litre of water and soak your feet for about 10 minutes, then dry them thoroughly.

And the smell is gone

As you can see, foot odour and sweating doesn't have to be a permanent problem. By following the right hygiene principles and choosing the right shoes and natural socks, you can easily prevent these inconveniences. And combining all of the above tips can make your feet a great deal more comfortable and improve your quality of life.

Photo source: Canva a Abnobashop.cz

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