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The Original Foot Alignment Socks KIDS serve as a therapeutic aid for relieving leg spasticity in cerebral palsy, for cramped and crooked toes and other leg deformities. They are mainly used as a supplement to active exercises and physiotherapy. Foot Alignment Socks improve blood circulation and give your feet and toes new energy. They help by keeping your feet and toes mobile, flexible and less painful.

The Original Foot Alignment Socks are made of soft cotton and polyester blend. They are lose fitted crew socks that have an open front end with 4 toe separators also made  from  the same material as the socks body. These separators apply a gentle push on your toes to align your toes with the rest of the foot and position them where they should be and nature intended them to be.  The separators are hand made and precisely controlled for width and length. 

Foot Alignment socks relieve stress and tension in the feet, help to properly align the toes, reduce friction and irritation, relieve foot pain, improve blood circulation and give your feet and toes new energy. 


CAUTION: To be used with adult supervision. Proceed slowly. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

Please follow the enclosed instructions carefully:

Start with the dividers at the tip of your toes.
(Wear approximately 5-10 minutes per day)

After a few days of wearing your Foot Alignment Socks, slide the dividers 1/2 way down
between your toes. You can now slowly extend the amount of time that you wear them.
(Wear approximately 30-60 minutes per day)

Within a couple of weeks you should be able to slide the toe dividers all the way down
between your toes providing maximum benefit and comfort to your feet.

Foot Alignment socks are NOT intended for shoes, nor for normal walking. They are most effective when you are relaxing, when the feet are not under pressure – i.e. when sitting or lying.

We do not recommend that kids sleep in these socks.

Sizes are unisex based on shoe sizes: 2XS (size 27-30), XS (size 31-34)
Socks are stretchy and accommodate range of overlapping sizes.

Fiber: 90% cotton, 7% polyester, 3% elastane
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