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Foot alignment socks will help you with hammer toes, says physiotherapist Lenka Tichá

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Medical problems and various deformities with feet not only affect adults who spend a lot of time on their feet but also children. This is physiotherapist Lenka Tichá’s experience. Parents with children often turn to her when they need conditions in their lower limbs treated. How does Lenka Tichá deal with these conditions? We asked her in an interview.

Lenka Tichá graduated from the Physiotherapy department at the First Medical Faculty of Charles University and works as a physiotherapist at RC Mozaika in Lovosice, where she mainly treats children. Adult patients with complications affecting the feet are no exception in the people she helps.

Which complications do you most frequently encounter in your patients?

I often encounter foot defects such as hammer toes or bunions. If surgery is performed on these defects, the feet need quality exercises with targeted physiotherapy. It is obviously important to exercise in cases which need surgery.

Do you recommend anything else during therapy?

In both cases, Foot Alignment Socks are a suitable supplement to overall therapy, not just for relief and to reduce unpleasant pain. They are also a great help in correcting reflex changes in soft tissue, such as muscles and ligaments, which frequently accompany the conditions experienced with these defects.

Do your clients use Foot Alignment Socks?

Yes, Foot Alignment Socks are very popular with my clients. They buy them partly for preventive reasons and partly to support therapy, such as after surgery to correct toe deformities or during exercise to deal with flat feet, or during moments of pain, etc.

Do you wear Foot Alignment Socks yourself?

When I encountered Foot Alignment Socks some time ago, I decided to try them myself and also offer them to my clients. When I relax with the socks in the evening, I sense every muscle, every ligament, the whole structure in my feet. I become relaxed and the blood flow to my toes, metatarsals and ankles increases.

How long can you wear them for?

At the start, I could only last about eight minutes in the socks, but I gradually extended the time and now I try to use the socks every other day for about 30 minutes. In the last few years, I have had unpleasant feelings in my metatarsals linked to stress in muscles and blockages in small joints. After wearing Foot Alignment Socks, I can see a marked improvement and lower frequency in the occurrence of these cramps..

What do you see their biggest benefits as being?

I see a huge benefit of the socks in helping compensate incorrect positioning of the feet and toes in inappropriate footwear. In many professions, wearing solid, hard, rigid or often heavy work footwear is required, or some women may choose to wear in their work dress code. I support the option of wearing barefoot footwear and walking barefoot if other factors permit it, such as walking gait or body posture, etc. The biggest problem I see is tight footwear and the restriction in movement and blood flow caused by working in such shoes. Foot Alignment Socks are a great way to compensate for the adverse effect of bad shoes on our feet and how our entire bodies move.

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