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Prices, payment, delivery

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The prices are in CZK or EUR currency (you can change it in top-right corner).


Payment could be made by credit card, wire transfer or by Pay-pal.


We currently deliver to all EU countries. The shipping costs: 7 EUR. Shipping costs to non.EU countries (excl. United Kingdom): 12 EUR.
Incoming orders are usually processed and shipped by us within 48 hours. Our shipping partner pledges delivery within the European Union in 3 to 7 days. Once the goods is sent, you will receive the tracking number for your shipment.

We are currently unable to ship goods to the UK due to Brexit.

If you are from other country please contact us thru our email to order the socks.

  • JM
    JUDr.Júlia MuránskáRespond
    Added 14. february, 17:27 from 109.183.220.***
    Platba pri prevzati dobierky

  • Pn
    Added 14. february, 17:35 registered user
    Dobrý den, paní Muránská, v roce 2020 jsme platbu na dobírku zrušili proto, abychom eliminovali množství zákazníků, kteří si svoje objednávky nepřebírají a objednávání na internetu je pouhým koníčkem. Dobírku tedy standardně nenabízíme.

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