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Do you suffer from swollen feet or varicose veins? Try lymphatic massage

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The lymphatic system is very underestimated. Lymphatic massage can not only help flush out excess water and harmful substances from your body, it can help with varicose veins and strengthen the body’s overall defences.

The lymphatic system 

The lymphatic or lymphoid system is very similar to blood circulation and works in close combination with it. Lymphatic vessels carry lymph, which helps move waste and other toxic substances from body tissue into the lymph nodes. Toxins are broken down completely in the nodes and then drained out of the body through the bloodstream. A working lymphatic system is very important for the human immune system.

How a poorly functioning lymphatic system function develops

If your lymphatic system is put under stress more than it can cope with, lymph is not able to remove harmful substances from the body. This causes an overall accumulation of water in the body as well as harmful substances in the lymph nodes.

When the lymphatic system malfunctions, you may feel exhausted and lack energy. Your feet or other parts of the body could swell, and the lymph nodes may enlarge. Your overall immune system may be weakened, leaving you susceptible to illness.

How does a lymphatic massage help?

Lymphatic massage can help you get the lymphatic system back in working order. In most cases, it doesn’t happen immediately. To achieve long-term results, you should have repeated massages. How often and how many times? A specialist can tell you.

Lymphatic massage helps detoxify the body, relieves swelling and boosts immunity. Another advantage is that massage supports healing and relieves swelling after surgery. In the case of breast cancer surgery, some insurance companies even pay for massage treatments.

Because lymph works in combination with blood circulation, massage can also prevent varicose veins by supporting proper circulation. Massage promotes blood flow, which results in faster oxygenation of the blood and an overall improvement in blood circulatory functions. It can also help you with migraines, cellulite, skin problems and painful menstruation.

Immediately after a lymphatic massage, you may feel tired, experience headache and notice a deterioration in the condition of your skin if you have problems with acne. This is because the body’s detoxification process takes time. After a few hours or days, these conditions will pass.

When should you avoid it?

You should avoid lymphatic massage in the following cases and always consult your doctor first. This mainly concerns cases of malignant disease at any stage, infectious or viral diseases, fever, inflammation of the veins, eczema or psoriasis or increased thyroid function (hyperthyroidism).

If you still want to do something about swelling and encourage blood flow, try The Original Foot Alignment Socks! These will help stretch your foot tendons, increase blood circulation and help ease swollen feet.

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