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Is it possible to sleep in Foot Alignment Socks?

  • Added: 14.02.2023   |   3863 readings / views

Several of our blog articles or social media posts have mentioned that you can sleep in Foot Alignment Socks. This has led to some of our more recent customers sleeping in the socks immediately after purchasing them and then complaining of foot pain. However, wearing Foot Alignment Socks has certain rules, which also apply to sleeping. So, what are they? And what about children?

How do Foot Alignment Socks work?

It all begins from the moment you put the Foot Alignment Socks on your feet. The magic is in the toe separators that separate, stretch and relax the toes. Foot Alignment Socks help relieve stress and tension in the feet, align the toes in the right direction, reduce friction between the toes, alleviate foot pain and, last but not least, improve circulation. Regular wearing alleviates the negative effects of daily exertion on the feet due to overloading them or wearing poor footwear. It also serves as a therapeutic aid for foot deformities.

How to start with Foot Alignment Socks

If you’ve never worn Foot Alignment Socks before, we’ll show you how. The socks also come with instructions on how to wear them correctly. 

There is no need to hurry, start wearing them gradually. Allow your feet to get used to the socks over the first few days. It can be uncomfortable and, in extreme cases, a little painful. But don’t be afraid. This is due to reflex changes in the muscles in the forefoot. Once you start wearing the socks regularly, the discomfort will gradually subside. As a rule, the worse the health of your feet, the shorter the period of time you can wear them comfortably at the start. But always be guided by how you feel. For some people it may take longer to get used to wearing the socks, for others it may take less time.

When you first wear them, leave the toe separators at the tips of the toes, and put the socks on so that the embroidered foot on the socks is on top and the toes are facing each other. We recommend wearing the socks for 15 to 20 minutes during the first few days and 5 to 10 minutes for children. After a few days of wear, you can move the toe separators to about halfway between your toes and extend the time worn to 1 to 2 hours per day and between 30 to 60 minutes for children. After a few weeks, you can move the separators all the way down between your toes. This will allow you to gain the maximum benefit from the socks. At this point, you can wear the socks for as long as they feel comfortable.

What you shouldn’t do in Foot Alignment Socks

Foot Alignment Socks are not intended for day-to-day wear and should never be worn in shoes. If possible, try to stay in one place whilst wearing them - ideally on the couch with your feet up. Avoid walking unless absolutely necessary. If you have to spend a long time on your feet, e.g. whilst cooking, take the socks off and put them on afterwards.

Your foot won’t usually fit in a regular shoe whilst wearing our socks, but even so, do not attempt to wear them in shoes. Moreover, don’t wear Foot Alignment Socks when wet, if you wash them (ideally by hand or in a washing machine on a gentle 30 °C program), always wait until they are completely dry (preferably air dried).

Only seasoned sock wearers should sleep in them

Can you sleep in Foot Alignment Socks? Yes, but you should first be used to wearing the Foot Alignment Socks for a few hours a day as per the instructions above. If you can manage to wear the socks with the toe separators completely between your toes and are comfortable wearing them for a while, you can try sleeping in the socks.

Even so, you may not be able to wear them for the entire night at first. If that’s the case, simply take them off during the night. Then gradually extend the time you wear them at night until you can do so without any issues until the morning. Again, it should be noted that you really need to get used to the socks. Otherwise, it can be uncomfortable or even painful.

If you suffer from swollen feet in the evening, Foot Alignment Socks may be a little restricting when you sleep. In that case, we recommend you choose socks with an extra stretch wide cuff

We do not recommend children sleep in kid’s Foot Alignment Socks, even if they get used to wearing them.

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