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Are you bothered by cramps in your feet? We know how to get rid of It!

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Many people are bothered by cramps in their feet, and it is one of the most frequent types of cramp. In most cases, the feet are the part of the body which experience the most stress. Acute pain can last several seconds to many minutes. How to get rid of cramps and gain relief in the future? Let’s take a look at that next.

Cramps in feet and toes

I am sure you have all experienced it. You are sitting down at work, running or even sleeping and suddenly you have an unpleasant pain in your feet or toes. You are frightened to move and do not know what to do to make the pain disappear. Due to incorrect regulation of salt and water in the body, the muscle contracts for several seconds or minutes, which causes the very unpleasant pain.

Cramps can affect young children, teenagers and pregnant women. Cramps in perfectly healthy adults are no exception. A cramp is when a muscle contracts and is unable to relax. It can occur in healthy people and can be a symptom of illness, such as varicose veins. Cramps can occur in your metatarsals, toes or whole foot.

Causes of cramps

What leads to cramps in your toes? Many factors can cause them, such as sedentary lifestyle, overstressing the muscles in your feet, poor footwear, or lack of vitamins (D, E, and B2), minerals (magnesium, calcium and potassium) or liquids. Other causes include pregnancy, being overweight, excessive alcohol consumption and poorly balanced diet. Sometimes drugs, contraceptives or even excessive consumption of milk products can contribute to it.

How to deal with acute pain

If you get cramps in your soles, feet or toes, stand on your leg with all your weight and try to move your weight to the place where it hurts. This stretches the muscle, and the pain should disappear in a moment. If you cannot get up at that moment, try to stretch the muscles using your hands. Do not try to move your feet too much since this could increase the pain’s intensity.

In any case, you should try to remain calm. This is especially important if you get cramps in your feet or legs while you are swimming or running.

How to prevent cramps in the future

As with most other problems, the best treatment for cramp is prevention. Who would not want to prevent unpleasant pain? You should choose a preventive method according to the cause.

If you suffer from cramps in your toes during or after playing sports, focus on sufficient and regular hydration and also try to increase your vitamins and mineral intake, such as magnesium, potassium and calcium. You obtain vitamins and minerals by consuming certain foods or also from food supplements. In addition, you should always actively stretch. And do not forget about recuperation and rest.

It is always important to correctly select footwear. Shoes should never apply pressure or grip your feet tightly. Avoid wearing frequently wearing heels. Do not underestimate the need for regular sleep (and its position) or mental ease. If you have a sedentary job, try going for a walk from time to time.

Foot Alignment Socks have a proven record against cramp (especially in the toes). This is because they properly stretch the toes and improve blood flow to them. By wearing them regularly, you can certainly help your feet, which many of our customers have already discovered.

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