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4 tips for warming up cold feet

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During the rest of the year you might not notice it as much as when the dry autumn and winter weather arrives. The feeling of cold feet is all the more unpleasant in the winter. What causes it, when can it be serious, and how can you get rid of the feeling of cold feet? We have several tried and tested tips for you. 

Cold feet are no fun

Your feet feel cold as a result of poor circulation in the legs. There are several possible reasons for this, but it is generally a combination of causes. The most common causes of cold feet include a lack of sleep, stress, insufficient exercise, a poor lifestyle and diet, a sedentary job or excess strain on the feet. 

Sometimes there may be another reason behind this problem. In some cases, cold feet can also be a sign of more serious ailments, including diabetes, thyroid disorders or conditions such as Raynaud's disease. As soon as you find that none of the following tips are not helping, it’s best to see your doctor and get checked out for your own peace of mind. 

Tip 1: Treat yourself to plenty of sleep

Five hours is enough for some people, while others need at least eight. Try to find a balance not only in how long you sleep, but also how regularly you go to bed. Going to sleep at a different time every day is not very healthy. There should be some order to your sleep pattern. So, try to go to sleep regularly at the same time and sleep at least six hours a night. You should also have suitable conditions for sleeping, i.e. a quiet and peaceful place, and a comfortable mattress and pillow. This will make sure you wake up every morning full of energy, and not “shattered”. A good sleep helps you to relax and regain your energy for the whole day ahead. It also means that your feet won’t get cold. 

Tip 2: Try not to get stressed

It’s easy to say, but everyone knows that stress can be hard to beat. Short-term stress doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s something wrong, but long-term stress is harmful for the body as a whole, causing more than just cold feet.  

There are lots of things and activities that can help you alleviate stress. It’s up to you which one works best for you. Often seemingly small things can help, such as spending time with people you like, finding time for yourself, and engaging in activities that you enjoy. Some people try meditating, for instance. The previous tip can also help reduce stress. Regular and quality sleep is also important in fighting stress. Also, try to look on the positive side and don’t let yourself be discouraged if things don’t work out the first time around. 

Tip 3: Get regular exercise

You don’t have to rush out and buy a season ticket to the nearest gym. It’s enough just to go out for a walk two or three times a week. Or, if you can, walk to work rather than driving there or taking the bus. Regular exercise improves circulation throughout the whole body, strengthens the muscles, keeps you fit and leaves you feeling far better than if you don’t move around at all. You also reduce the risk of obesity.

Tip 4: Improve the blood flow in your feet and your whole body

This general tip contains several other related ones. How to improve your body’s circulation? If you think it’s related to rest and relaxation, you’re right. Simply resting is very important for your body, especially if your feet and body are regularly under strain, either at work or when doing sports. 

Regular cold water swimming or baths really help to improve blood flow. Not everyone has the chance to immerse themselves in cold water, so a regular sauna is another well-proven method. This has a range of beneficial effects on the body as a whole. Occasionally spending time in a whirlpool bath can also help. So, treating yourself to some wellness from time to time can help to alleviate stress and strengthen the body in general.

If you want to focus solely on improving the circulation in your feet, we have another great pleasant yet useful tip. Just pull on some alignment socks every day for a few minutes while watching TV on the sofa and enjoy relaxing for a while. Some people can even wear them all night. Although alignment socks contain separators between the toes and the toes are uncovered while you wear them, you don’t have to worry about your feet feeling cold. The circulation will start to improve in your feet almost immediately and they’ll feel nice and warm. Besides this, they also stretch the muscles in your feet, so you feel a pleasant sensation of relief. Not to mention the fact that they are great at preventing deformities of the feet and other complications. 

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